it is impossible to be bias to only one beast



special performance after surgery. Yoseob still under recovery stage but he manage himself to perform LIVE.
Talking about stubborn!!! I think he should rest more!

b2strising tweet this morning about Yoseob latest news. He is under go a surgery for remove his chronic rhinitis infections. What is that? after asking my GOOSE master (google search), it turn out to be something like this:

By far the most common cause of chronic cough (defined as >3 weeks duration) in adults is post nasal drip (PND). PND comes from inflammation in the nasal passages (rhinitis) and/or sinuses (sinusitis). Other well-known causes of chronic cough (asthma, chronic bronchitis, gastric reflux, drug reaction) occur much less commonly than PND. PND causes chronic cough by mucus dripping down onto areas of the respiratory system which contain sensitive nerves (throat, voice box, windpipe and lungs). Because chronic cough is often thought of as a ‘lung condition’ by health care providers, PND as a cause is often overlooked (even though the medical literature documents it as the number one cause).

There are several causes of rhinitis/sinusitis, most commonly allergy and infection. Many medications are available to treat these conditions, by both prescription and over the counter. Sometimes patients with chronic sinusitis don’t improve with medication, and sinus surgery may be needed.

taken from:

Well. we saw him sick the other week and this professor’s article said that it could harm respiratory area and eventually has some effect on voice box. We don’t want anything bad happen to our dear yoseob especially on that area, right? lets pray for his speed recovery.

and please follow trending #getwellyoseob on tweeter. I am waiting for this twitter trending result and see how care b2uties are. LOL. we always be with you Baby.

and guess what, it reached 4th in Dallas…. wow… thousands of people love yoseob. See? nothing to worry about, even there are haters, but if you have thousands of love,…. few people said bad thing means nothing, right???

YOSEOB, Number Six as The Best Male Idol Singer

A recent article in ALLKPOP just made me startle, and i am still cannot believe it. Yoseob is actually in number 6th as the best male idol singer based on Korean portal site, DC Inside. Number one to six in order, Xiah Junsu, SHINee’s Jonghyun Super Junior’s Yesung, SS501’s Youngsaeng, Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung, and BEAST’s Yoseob in sixth place.
Although he has been trained for almost six years but i cannot believe his name would be on the top ten best singers. And the think that makes me daze for the second time is shin hye sung right besides him. Did he ever mentioned that Shinhwa is his idols. A group that they wanted to be like? Now, they are in the same row…. i am so happy for yoseob. hiks,….(….tears of proud & happiness…..).

Male vocal pop group with the best of the main vocals?

1. DN-A – Mika: 588 votes (0.8%)
2. DBSK – Xiah Junsu: 28,132 votes (38.8%) ← No .1
3. Beast – Yang Yoseob: 1,462 votes (2%)
4. Big Bang – Taeyang: 1,097 votes (1.5%)
5. SHINee – Jonghyun: 13,670 votes (18.9%) ← No .2
6. Super Junior – Yesung: 11,948 votes (16.5%) ← No .3
7. Shinhwa – Shin Hye Sung: 1,877 votes (2.6%)
8. CN Blue – Jung Yong Hwa: 300 votes (0.4%)
9. MBLAQ – GO: 1,296 votes (1.8%)
10. UKISS – Soohyun: 79 votes (0.1%)
11. Infinite – Nam Woohyun: 87 votes (0.1%)
12. ZE:A – Moon Junyoung: 60 votes (0.1%)
13. Teen Top – Niel: 94 votes (0.1%)
14. F.Cuz – Lee U: 18 votes (0%)
15. FT Island – Lee Hong Ki: 845 votes (1.2%)
16. SS501 – Heo Young Saeng: 10,467 votes (14.4%)
17. 2AM – Changmin: 237 votes (0.3%)
18. 2PM – Junsu: 164 votes (0.2%)
19. Others: 77 votes (0.1%)

Total 72,498 people have participated. (2010-08-11 ~ 2010-08-17)

source: dcnews
shared by:

the AKP article, right here!


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