it is impossible to be bias to only one beast

wicked collabs

with prepix.

prepix promised to give b2uty a present on monday. And this such a nice gift. Love prepix. thank you for giving all the best things for beast and all the love for you guys….

And i think most of b2uty and prepix’s fans agreed that this is an epic one. Well, lets count it on hawoosin’s YT rating for this video. only 3 person dislike this and 1095 says the other way around. Yesteday , it also becoming no.3 favorite video on YT. You know what thats mean,…everything is popular on you tube is consider as an important stuff. And it does.

Hyunseung and Ill just shows us what an entertainment is all about in less than 3 minutes. It has a nice introduction stage. its like saying “…wow..some of our members are missing, what we gonna show to people?…” At this stage only, they already increasing people’s curiosity. Despite their hip and big name in choreography, this clip is well introduced. Even before they launch it, they spread rumors about a present to b2uty on twitter.

In the next second the start with goofy movement which, i believe, draw peoples’s smile. A minute after, they shows what they’ve got so far. Ill, no doubt is a good dancer, Hyunseung, on the other hand, also a good dancer but fewer people knowledge about. But if you trained under YG ones, have several choreographed dance by prepix, trained in Cube by AJ the choreographer, sleeping one room with AJ the dancing shoes. That would be a lie if you cannot dance. This is actually not a surprise, Hyunseung can move like that. His timing is correct, obviously not three-hour practice video. And the ending was funny-cute-strange moment. This video is like a fresh water for thirsty b2uties whose waiting for their beast’s to come back.



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