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LEE KI KWANG featured in Ahn Jinkyung’s album as a rapper??

CREDITS: ReviewStar (SOURCE); aoistars@B2ST RISING (TRANS)

Ahn Jinkyung Single album – Be The Voice

01. Love is Pathetic (feat. BEAST’s Lee Kikwang)
02. Talk to me (feat. H-Eugene)
03. You did well
04. Bad Person (acoustiv ver.)
05. Love is Pathetic (inst.)
Ahn Jinkyung’s single ‘Be The Voice’ release.

Having made her debut for 10 years, she was already recognized for her vocal skills through her emotional dance song as now she will be presenting a song with BEAST’s Lee Kikwang’s appealing voice along with a sad melody and a refined sound.

Title song ‘Love is Pathetic’ is an electronic pop dance song as the sad melody fits with the lyrics along with the cheerful house dance and the refine arrangement of the beat. The lyrics are about viewing love from not a personal view point but from the eyes of another as it’s an Ahn Jinkyung-styled dance song in which she appeals with her husky voice. The featuring is from BEAST’s vocalist Lee Kikwang as he will attempt a melody rap for the first time.

Another song that is competing with the title song is the ballad ‘You Did Well (Lyrics/Composed by Oh Sunghoon)’ is a compliment which stands for “Before I knew of love, I did well to the person who left me” with distinctive lyrics as this song has received overwhelming reviews from women. Also outside of these songs are ‘Talk to me’ (feat. H-Eugene) which has a strong beat and is strongly addictive and ‘Bad Person (acoustic ver.)’ as all the songs from the album shows Ahn Jinkyung’s true color.

In this album, Oh Sunghoon from People Crew helped with the producing as he is known for other songs such as December’s ‘Love is What I Learned’, ‘I’ll Be a Star’, and ‘I Came Alone’ along with K. Will’s ‘Can’t It Be Love Also’ and Coffee House OST’s ‘Page One’ (produced by Jo Youngsoo also) as he has recognized in the music industry recently.

thank you to  kishikiarit for uploading …. 🙂



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