it is impossible to be bias to only one beast

before beast

he was the guy in orange!!!



before Beast, yoseob are actively doing a UCC video with his friends: Daniel, whose now debuted in a group called Dalmatian.
When Beast’s yoseob debuted, people began to dig up these videos. I personally asking my self, where is Daniel now?? and i think a lot of people did too. Almost a year, and Daniel reach the place where Yoseob is, under the spotlight. I was glad he can made it through. It must’ve been pretty hard to meet each other with Beast’s busy schedule. But now, they can meet on events and music shows.
I hope he still best of friends cause when you see their videos, you can see how close they are. And i really glad he is in Dalmatian. It’s a group than can match beast in certain ways. They have a nice concept, a good producer who made this group from his heart, and judge by their live performance, all members from dalmatian can sing well.

wow,…i am so exited about this…

source: AKP

Aj’s show case in Japan, singing with Mario. You can hear, yoseob rap in this.




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