it is impossible to be bias to only one beast

beast and their fedora

Fedora hat is a must buy item for all famous and wanna be famous persons all over the world. This particular item has been on every celebrities wardrobe since 1889 and beast members are no exception. Let see where they wear it and how….

Fedora is best to wear if its half inch bigger than your head. It shall not cover your ears or too tight around the forehead. For any female b2uty, it should be complements by feather or gold pin, just to add a romantic feel. Doo joon style in wearing fedora is tilt it slightly to the back, while junhyung prefer to tilt it to one side.  A classic fedora used to be tilt slightly forward until it almost reach the eyebrow.

beast in fedora

I too, have purchase one fedora, because of doo joon, honestly. And i swear, it is better on my friends’s heads than mine. I buy a khaki one and still wanna buy the black one, even deep in my heart i know, i am not gonna wear that. I am a silly shopper.

credit for photos as tag. thanks for for tips on fedora and

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