it is impossible to be bias to only one beast

how many times they change hair color??

this is the first time i saw them as a group. On MTV B2ST, they still look like a bunch of teenagers, learning how to dance and sings. After debut, they becoming celebrity. Even our maknae turn to be a prince. And 9 months later,  they already change so much. They promoted almost every songs in their two mini albums, starting from bad girl, mystery, shock, special, special performance for ‘easy’, an MV for ‘take care of my girl friend. They have been in TV station’s music program such as: M Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and inkigayo. They also perform in many stages, including universities.
Lot of things change in 9 months but i curious with their hair color. I, myself dyed my hair to red because i saw how beautiful 4 minutes’s hyuna in it. Of course, the result was not the same. Recently i just realize that hyunseung is always appear with different color, so i am curious and decided to check out other members color hair changing.

Handsome maknae is one of the famous recipe to build a boy band. This position always have a special meaning in their fans heart. Beast has no exception in this. Son Dong Woon is famous for his arabian- western feature. He change from ordinary boy with a cap to a light brown haired man. In 9 months he change his hair color three times. He does not change his cutting style a lot, just fix it up a bit here and there.

Junhyung also has small change in hair color, he change three times. But his cutting style change dramatically.

Kikwang, on the other hand loves his black hair. After high kick drama series he change his hair color to red but change it again on ‘special’ promotion.

Our shy singer, Hyunseung, change 5 times of his hair color in this 9 months, maybe more. He change color almost once in two months. My hair will scream if i did that. But hyunseung hair still look beautiful with curly bang on his forehead. The last time i check, he straighten up again his hair and lighten up the color. I wonder what color he will bring on their new album.

Yoseob determine to be blond. If he change color, he will only make it darker. Light color do make him look younger and more to a manga character. But i also like his dark color before debut.

Our leader is really a simple man. This most wanted man for boyfriend, only change his hair color once, from dark to red-brown. He looks stylist and sharp looking as always in both colors.

These hair color change might not be too accurate, since they always in spotlight with lots of lighting color. especially hyunseung’s. For most members, i like their original black color.

Anyway,…I am waiting for their change in their new album. Hyunseung and junhyung is the one who follow the album concept almost literally. I miss the stage before comeback when they wear bennies or hats to cover hair color. Their fans actually can really guess their hair color but it always fun to see them hiding it.

What color do you thing suit best for each member?


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